Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services does Lake Forest Painters LLC provide?

Lake Forest Painters LLC provide interior and exterior services for both residential and commercial properties. If you would like to view a list of our painting  services click here.

How long does a free estimate appointment with Lake Forest Painters take?

 A Free Estimate appointment with Lake Forest LLC and our painting contractors takes approximately 20-30 minutes at your residence or business.  Schedule free estimate online HERE

Am I required to attend the entire free estimate appointment with Lake Forest Painters LLC?

We prefer you are at the project site when we perform the estimate. Inevitably, there will be questions that arise and we want to give you the most accurate quote possible. 

What type of preparation work does Lake Forest Painters perform for an interior project?

Lake Forest painters prepares each interior painting area by cleaning the area, taping off borders, covering floors or sensitve areas, patching small holes, texturing, and priming as needed. 

What type of exterior preparation work does Lake Forest Painters perform for an exterior project?

Our painters prepare each exterior project by power washing to properly to clean the surface. We then scrape loose paint, prime bare wood, caulk where failed, putty and glaze as needed.

How much time do Lake Forest Painters require to complete a project?

Our painters requires as little as a couple of hours to complete a smaller project and as much as an entire week to complete a larger project. For smaller projects, we assign enough staff members to start and finish the project on the same day. For larger projects, we try to scale the crew size to be able to complete the job in the maximum amount of one week.

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